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Just to say that I'm snug at work and smug about a 15min walk door-to-door (ok, 20min today, what with treacherous pavements). Two out of four of my team also made it in. 

It's understandable why London would be less prepared for 20cm of overnight snowfall than, say, my German hometown. After all, we had conditions like this every winter, or nearly, throughout my childhood. But it's still impressive: half of the Tubes were fully suspended in the morning (they're coming back), NO bus at all, no road at all looks as if it was cleared. Not sure if anyone hear even has the heavy clearing equipment you need in these circumstances. 

It's great for the kids, though: schools are closed, so suddenly they're discovering the joys of snowball fights (one was going on right outside our living room window when I had breakfast, and I dodged 2 more on my way) and snowman construction.


May. 11th, 2007 01:04 am
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Consider the following scenario:

- A Georgian house in one of the more desirable parts of central London. High ceilings, wooden floorboards, potted palms in the conservatory. Round the corner from Virginia Woolf in fact.
- Owned by a former hot-shot banker and occasional academic who has turned to helping people who are seeking refugee status in the UK after being tortured in their home country. In particular, GLBT people who are seeking refugee status in the UK after being tortured in their home country.
- Run as a sort of German post-70s WG with two existing tenants (one a transsexual teenage college student and drummer from Uganda; the other was asleep).
- Various people drifting in and out, eating, making tea, and having conversations ranging from pre-British rule Indian history via places to hang out in Brixton, via Gordon Brown, to broadband internet providers. In English, French, German and Arabic. And occasional bits of Luganda and Kurdish.
- The house being, unsurprisingly, a tip. The kitchen needs a good scrubbing (but is well stocked).

If I want, I can move in. Am I totally crazy to be kind of enchanted by the idea?

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