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Hélène Hazera on Yagg very movingly (and in French) on the death of the transsexual woman the football player Ronaldo was "caught" with last year.

My translation of the last two paragraphs:

The epilogue of the story: Ronaldo didn't have his career interrupted - he got teased for a moment, that's all. But Andréia, she who was at the origin of the scandal, just died -- "of AIDS-related complications" as reported by the AFP, which refers to her with no hesitation in the masculine gender and uses the word "travesti" [transvestite], unawares that the Brazilian term translates into today's French as "trans'" [transsexual], as if Andréia had lived in disguise.

Le lessons to draw from this, that's the incredible transphobia of the media, which have on a global scale made something monstrous out of a banal case: a heterosexual man is attracted to a trans woman. Who can affirm that this has never happened to these virile commentators? The lesson to draw from this is that in Brazil a trans woman can die at the age of 22 from AIDS. The leson to draw is that prevention forgets that the clients of trans women are in fact straight men. The same peple who are outraged to learn that a soccer player could be attracted to a transsexual don't have a single word of compassion about her death. At the age of 22.

Hat tip: Matoo.

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