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A cow-orker of mine from our French office made me jump last week by popping up in my IM with the official picture of the new president Sarkozy as their avatar. (No, [personal profile] graylion, I'm not going to tell you who, and it's not who you think anyway.)

Now thing is ... well not so much that I have a deep revulsion for what M. Sarkozy stands for, which in many respects I have. But France turned out in high numbers, and he was elected fair and square, and if someone admires him enough to put up his piccie, fair enough. Putting it into one's AM as an avatar, not so much. But hey, others put up Kate Winslet or Daniel Radcliffe -- what can I say.

The real weird thing is that this picture is just so bad. Here and here are two comparisons of French presidential official photograpy through history, one going back to the 3rd Republic, the other adding a few foreign heads-of-state. Pretty interesting, iconographically. Esp. Chirac (who looks exactly like the rural-gentry-style populist he was), Mitterrand posing as the intellectual, or Giscard's huge break with the traditional codes for French presidential posing.

As for Sarkozy, it's been made a lot out of the presence of a EU flag, same size as the French one. As a major beneficiary of EU integration I applaud. But he's totally dwarfed by those flags! It's maybe to demonstrate that he isn't self-conscious about his height (which, according to reports, he is). And the books in the background, they're in the same library as on Mitterrand's pic, but the latter at least I'd believe if he said he had actually read a few.

[LJ's spellcheck wants to change "iconographically" into "pornographically". No, not this time, dear.]

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