May. 7th, 2007 07:25 pm
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No, not "Gothness" as on the T-Shirt -- but I am getting ahead of myself; this sort of stuff is the neology mechanism I have in mind.

But neo or not, the weekend before last needs a mention here. It's all [ profile] graylion's fault of course. He asked me a number of months ago, "are you coming to Whitby in April?" and I -- well I just said "yes" and then, belatedly, "and what's Whitby"?

Never before had I even contemplated going to a 6-day-weekend-long Gothic music (etc.) festival. Oops. I hardly know which way to hold an eyeliner, am not particularly interested in Victoriana, am pretty much a vanilla sort of sexual being (for a dyke) and, well, not a Goth. I think. (Shouldn't I have realized something before, otherwise?) Some (more than one) say that denial is the first step down that road. And admittedly, those goggles always make me smile.

So I properly lost my Whitby virginity, sharing a cottage with [ profile] graylion, [ profile] antipodienne and [ profile] fluffymark, and the refreshing [ profile] asw909, whose acquaintance I was very pleased to make -- his rare brand of down-to-earth argumentativeness just the right addition to our temporary household.

With [ profile] graylion of course it was assured that we would be well fed and kept in good shape for the nightly events. Lovely music, nearly all I listened to worthwhile, if not necessarily the greatest of the great. Of the gigs, Crüxshadows (my first live gig of a band with the heavy metal umlaut!!) were a cut above the others in professionalism and sure laid on a fun show. The Last Dance are one to watch. And the Soho Dolls ... well I didn't care much for the blather between the sets, but they're a musical bunch and, maybe not exactly true to the venue, a surprisingly good Rock band.

A scary 80s night at Laughton's (a Goth conga line, and an end of the evening with everyone, Irish included, singing "Jerusalem" -- need I say more?). 80s stuff always raises very bad connotations for me: I'm supposed to have grown up with the stuff but was in reality a near-total social outcast back then. Maybe I'm getting over it. Though give me some electronic music any time, it's easier to listen and dance to.

Be that as it may, I've rarely had such a refreshing few days before. Photos (except of the football match, which still await uploading) are available.

And ... see you in October.

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