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... comes to us via The Guardian:

Anger at plans for NHS database of gay men

An NHS database holding intimate information about the sexual behaviour of thousands of gay men is being planned by health trusts as part of a drive to encourage safer sex, a charity disclosed today.

The possibility that sensitive data could be accessed by computer hackers is causing anxiety across the gay community in London, where it will be launched later this year.
[ed.'s note: not sure what "it" refers to here and where "where" is]


A spokesman for London strategic health authority said the aim of the exercise was to monitor changes in gay men's behaviour so that trusts could adapt services accordingly.
[ed.'s note: have they heard of sociology? epidemiology? research?] Interviewers would not routinely collect men's names and addresses. [ed.'s note: well, that's reassuring]


The GMFA [a gay men's health charity] said this assurance was not consistent with tender documents that included plans to register everyone living with HIV and "interrogate the database" to follow up clients who did not come forward for an assessment of needs.
[ed.'s note: clearly they are totally off their rocker]


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