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  • 21:34 @stephenfry "überaffentittengeil". And I wasn't that impressed with Germany's defence, though the goals were masterful. #worldcup #ger #

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Date: 2010-06-15 11:12 am (UTC)
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Yes, Germany's performance wasn't quite as impressive as the score would indicate. Australia was simply awful, especially on defense, supposedly their bread and butter. Still, I think this is a better German squad than four years ago, when they had more firepower up front but shoddier defense, being saved only by spectacular goalkeeping.

Best teams I've seen so far (and I've watched every game) are USA and England, who I don't like at all but are starting to play more like a team than in previous years. Argentina was surprisingly bad on defense and ball possession; the Netherlands didn't stand out; but Italy looked better and more balanced than four years ago (when I didn't think they were really that good).

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